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suds & soda

totally rinsed my vhs copy of this concert i taped from mtv europe in 1995. i also made a tape of the audio – what a geek.

deus – suds & soda (live at the astoria 2 1995)

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let it happen

so we popped up to Costcutter for some wine and ice cream on Sunday evening – the store radio feed pumping out Dido (standard). whilst in the queue the next tune reveals itself as fucking Lindstrom & Christabelle! nuts. i’m happy to spend a few more moments choosing the least offensive brand of factory bread if sultans of swing or rhiannon is on but i may need to rethink my whole shopping ethos if we’re to be treated to the Freeform Five remix of I Feel Space.

lindstrom and christabelle – let it happen

okay, so it seems you dont even need to leave the house to enjoy Costcutter In Tune Radio. Good to know.


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