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Journey in Satchindananda is an album by Alice Coltrane inspired by her ‘spiritual perceptor’ Swami Satchidananda – founder of Integral Yoga.

I love the drone throughout this track – a fretless sitar called a tambura played by Tulsi Sen Gupta. Cecil McBee plays bass, Pharoah Sanders soprano sax and Alice Coltrane harp.

Alice Coltrane featuring Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchindananda (1970)


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for prayer

“distorted, reverby electric + slide = winner”

having emailed this link to two friends yesterday i thought i should post it up here.

wye oak are a 2-piece from baltimore i first saw mentioned on arbouretum’s blog. their new album civilian is out now on merge/city slang. this track is from their 2nd l.p the knot released in 2009.

wye oak – for prayer


okay, as we’re talking baltimore i should mention lower dens. a similarly dreamy, albeit more experimental outfit fronted by jana hunter who’s earlier, more stripped-back work i’d previously come across through a split with devendra banhart and a track on his excellent and ‘genre defining’ (New Weird America anyone?) golden apples of the sun comp.

this is from twin hand movement (2010, Gnomonsong).

lower dens – i get nervous

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fire eyes

Index were a garage/psych band from grosse point, michigan. their debut lp – mostly recorded on one microphone (now have i got your attention!?) – was released in early 1968 and original copies have sold recently for $$$$s.

unofficial and official vinyl bootlegs are circulating (i think i’ve tracked down an official reissue in greece!) and lion productions are to set to release a 2xCD comp which includes the band’s first 2 albums and 17 unreleased cuts.

this is heady, murky and lo-fi. with feedback trails and smears of reverb – right up my alley.

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Bloc Sunday




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the greater times


This summer we’re going to play some festivals, including Field Day in London, and a few gigs. We’re still confirming everything, so will be announcing dates soon. It’s very exciting for us to be playing together again after more than three years, and we’re just sorry that we won’t be able to make it to the US this time. At the moment our plan is just to play live this summer, so we hope to see you!

i didnt believe ed at first when he told me electrelane were on the bill for field day this year. i got into the band pretty late and missed seeing them play live before they went on hiatus in 2007. i’m pretty excited about getting to see them in august.

heres a cover of ‘the greater times’ from no shouts no calls i recorded for valentines day 2010.

and heres the following track from the album…

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gut feeling

gut feeling / slap your mammy – devo
(live 1980)

studio version found on q: are we not men? a: we are devo! (1978) produced by brian eno.

i wonder if jack still has that picture disc….?

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i’m sure i’ll be posting songs from the late period Talk Talk albums Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock at some point – they have both become a huge part of my life since I was first knocked out by them 5 or so years ago. Otherworldly, sparse, free, lyrical, spiritual jams with tense moments of near silence and harsh bursts of release.

anyhoo. thats for another day, tonight i had the Mark Hollis solo album on in the kitchen… and immediately had to listen to it again.

here is watershed – the second track.

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