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all world cowboy romance – mission of burma (1981)

Film made for project at Mason Gross Scool of Art, New Brunswick, NJ. 1986
Featuring downtown New Brunswick and Cook College

i love the editing towards the end.

was just listening to the Signals Calls and Marches reissue which includes their debut Academy Fight Song 7″.


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art vandelay

ducktails – art vandelay

i’ve been listening to the new Ducktails album (Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics) pretty regularly. It’s sounding really good during those surprising moments of sunshine. Spring is on its way. This song is the b-side to the recent ‘hamilton road’ 7″.

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dance to madonna


here’s a new old song – recorded by (((oh dear in the winter of 2010 on 4-track and finished on the laptop.

dance to madonna – (((ohdear by ohdearmusic

did we miss the lo-fi revival!?

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don’t lie

the mantles – don’t lie

playing with Nodzzz, the Hillmisters and Grand Tourist in southend on sunday 13th march for Culture As A Dare .

buy a ticket

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